California-Oregon Itinerary

If you are planning a trip to San Francisco and want to make the most out of your stay, then this itinerary is perfect for you. In this blog post, we will guide you through an eight-day trip that covers some of the most iconic and picturesque places in California. From Angel Island to Lake Tahoe, we have got it all covered.

Day 1:

  • Start your first day in San Francisco by taking a ferry ride from Point Tiburon to Angel Island. We recommend you reserve the ferry spot in advance or a night before to avoid any delays. You can rent a bike on the island or bring your own to enjoy cycling while taking in the scenic views of the Bay. If cycling isn't your thing, you can hop on a bus tour that lasts about an hour and is equally informative.
  • After exploring Angel Island, come back to the mainland around 1:30 pm and grab lunch at one of the restaurants near the ferry terminal. If you have some extra time, head to Sausalito, which is a beautiful waterfront town with some excellent restaurants and cafes.
  • For sunset, make your way to Battery Spencer, one of the best spots to catch a glimpse of the Golden Gate Bridge. Make sure to reach there at least two hours before sunset to avoid parking issues. Once you have captured the sunset, head over to Ghirardelli Square to indulge in some hot chocolate or coffee.

Day 2:

  • On day two, take a two-hour drive to Big Sur and drive on the famous Pacific 1 Highway that runs along the coast. Take some stops in between to access the beaches and take pictures. You'll have a scenic view all along the drive, making it one of the most iconic road trips in California.
  • Leave Big Sur 3-4 hours before sunset and head towards Carmel-By-The-Sea, where you can go on a 17-mile drive. This drive is one of the most picturesque drives in the area and offers stunning views of the Pacific Ocean. The entry fee is around 10 dollars per car, so be prepared for the cost.
  • For sunset, head to the beach in 17-mile drive and enjoy the peaceful and serene environment. You can grab dinner at one of the restaurants nearby.

Day 3:

  • If you have an extra day in San Francisco, start your day by having a leisurely lunch nearby your stay. You can then head to Fisherman's Wharf and take a walk around the area to explore the shops, restaurants, and the famous sea lions.
  • For sunset, make your way to Baker's Beach and capture a stunning view of the Golden Gate Bridge.

Day 4:

  • On this day, leave San Francisco and head towards Oregon. Take a stop at Napa Valley around lunchtime to enjoy the perfect weather and visit some wineries. You can taste some of the best wines, enjoy a picnic and soak in the beautiful surroundings.
  • For dinner, stop at Punjabi Dhaba at truck stop and enjoy some delicious food.

Day 5:

  • Spent half day at our nice Airbnb and went to Crater Lake National Park

Day 6:

  • Start your day by enjoying the snowfall from the comfort of your Airbnb, and then make your way to Lake Tahoe. It's a six-hour drive from Crater Lake, and we recommend you carry some snacks and drinks since there are no food stops for the first four hours.

Day 7:

  • Woke up early to see sunrise at Emerald Bay. Drive is good and there is short trail to go near the shore.
  • During noon there are few places to go around, and for sunset we went to Sand Harbor Beach
  • There are many activities in Lake Tahoe if you go there in winter like we did you can do some skiing or go to casinos.

Day 8:

  • We left Lake Tahoe after breakfast and took some stops on the way. Again you can visit Napa Valley which is quick detour.

I created a list on google maps for some awesome places for you to plan. You can also reach me on Instagram @varun_y and let me know what you think of this.

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