My experience with React-hook-form and redux-form

In my recent project, I had to use forms at multiple pages and started with redux-form which is very well built with nice documentation.

After a month I came across React-hook-form and it seems way simpler to use, particularly validations.

Few things which catch my attention about React-hook-form were:

  • Less code
  • Simpler validation
  • No framework dependency(which is great in terms of performance)

Also down the line I realize that I didn't need all the form data to be stored in redux but if needed that can be done as well react-hook-form.

I won't go in much details because there is good comparison already done. More in depth details and comparison can be found on their website

Let me know what are your thoughts.

Disclaimer: all the opinions are my based on my personal experience and suitable for the project which I was working on.

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