The Compound Effect: Summary and Notes


Like most self help books this books list down commonly repeated points with very poor examples.

Book could have been named How to lose weight through motivation, most of the example are related to food, how to lose weight.

The approach of book is very generic and I believe this won't work for most of the people otherwise reading one book like this can change your life around. People are lazy and tends to procrastinate. At least I can speak for myself.

But one thing I agree is everything in life takes time, nothing is magical. That's the power of compound effect. Just do your thing, consistency is key.

If you want more brief and honest review. This review from goodreads is all you need.


Chapter 1: The Compound Effect in Action

  • At very initial stage of book, makes a point  that this book is not magic, and it is nothing like other self help book.

Chapter 2: Choices

  • Track every activity, it brings awareness to the actions you take in the area of your life you want to improve.
  • Few bad examples of saving money on coffee to think you are costing benz in 20 years, what about enjoying life now? [pg-42]
  • take 100 percent responsibilities of your actions

Chapter 3: Habits

  • Find your why
  • If your actions conflict with values, you'll be unhappy
  • Habits and behaviors never lie.
  • Strategies for breaking bad habits
  • Bad habits can be unlearned by following actions
  1. Identify your triggers. Identify what triggers each bad habit. The who, what, where and when.
  2. Clean house. If you want to quit coffee, get rid of everything related and take it out of the house. Junk food, shopping catalogs, etc. Get rid of anything that enables your bad habits.
  3. Swap it. Replace with some healthy habits.
  4. Ease in. Taking small steps might be more effective.
  5. Or Jump in. For some people it is more effective to make dramatic lifestyle changes all at once.

Chapter 4: Momentum

  • Talks about routine
  • Consistency

Chapter 5: Influences

  • Garbage in , garbage out.
  • What are your news source, what information you consume.
  • We are avg. of 5 people we hang out with
  • Changing your view changes your perspective.
  • Find mentor in each area of life you want to improve

Chapter 6: Acceleration

  • It's the effort after you have done your best that is the difference maker.
  • Viewing yourself as your toughest competitor is one of the best ways to multiply your results.
  • Go beyond expectations
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