On Blogging

I was reading a post by Tom on Blogging and I realize I don't have any rules on blogging and few takeaways from the post: Create a draft on any topics or ideas that come into mind and start writing, another point which struck my head is "Don’t tell people what to do, just show them how you think."

Obviously, it's easier said than done. There needs to be some kind of system in place may be gamification or incentivization or you would have read posts on how writers have a habit of writing 1000 words each morning before they do anything else.

In past, I have thought of writing a blog post a week but it's difficult to be consistent like any other skill or hobby writing needs to be practiced.

Here are a few ideas that I think help in writing a blog post:

  1. If you have an idea in your head write it down before you forget
  2. Write post title
  3. Create outline
  4. Who is it for?
  5. Hit publish
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